Sourcing today for a better tomorrow

Why Outsource to PCIS?

Customers can focus on their own core business

Customers can achieve substantial indirect savings

Customers can streamline their internal administration

Customers can rapidly bring innovation and import experience to their current organization

Value Added Services

At PCIS, our employees have over 99 years of importing experience with a focus on disposable goods.
We import from 11 countries and have experienced a 10-year growth to USD75mm.
Our established offices are located in four Global regions and PCIS offers a trained international office staff to best suit the unique needs of our partners.

    Logistics and Transportation Capabilities
    -Container Size Selection and Utilization
    -Routing and Rail Coordination
    -Consolidation Service
    -Freight Contract Negotiations
    -Carton Loading Sequence
    - Pallet Configuration Sequence
    -Container Unloading Innovation

    Product Development and Innovation
    -Carton UCC,UPC and Coordination
    - Carton Configuration and Packing
    - Consumer Friendly Packaging
    -Environmentally Friendly Packaging
    -Product Innovation with Patents
    -Product Trials and Development

Mission Statement

PCIS is dedicated to sourcing all your product needs

PCIS focuses its efforts toward complete customer satisfaction making it the leader in customer service

PCIS keeps up with the changes in the marketplace and offers to our customer’s value-added service such as custom packaging, warehousing and logistics

PCIS believes that our success in service excellence and continued commitment to providing superior high quality products makes PCIS the logical choice

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